Villa of Casale, visit of a Roman villa

Villa of Casale: This amazing villa dates back to the 4th century (probably built around 350 B.C). The villa is located a few kilometers from Piazza Armerina (ENNA).

mosaic in villa of casale

This building can be considered one of the finest examples of residential dwelling in Italy. The property of the villa is unknown. Some think that it belonged to an aristocratic governor from Rome, others think that the villa was of an empire official (maybe Marco Erculeo).

mosaic in villa of casale

The excavation that brought the building to light took place in the middle of the 20th century. Villa of Casale is composed of 3500 meters of mosaics, as well as architectural structures such as Columns, Statues and Capitals. The styles with which the mosaics are made are different. Some have clearly an African influence.

mosaic in villa of casale

The site has been recognized as UNESCO heritage and it is for sure, one of the stops to consider in you visit Sicily.


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