Almond Blossom Train 2019

This year, on the occasion of the Almond Blossom Feast, the Almond Blossom Train will depart again. This is a very old festivity. This year will be the 74th edition which will take place in Agrigento between 1st and 8th March. The feast wants to commemorate the spring and is full of events. The historic train is made from parts of old trains: the 1960s locomotive, carriages of the ’59 -’60 type and one of the famous Centoporte carriages (form the thirties) and finally the UIz trolley car.

The train will leave from Palermo at 8.00 on 10th March and will arrive in Agrigento at 11.10. This will be the route:

• Central Palermo at 08:00

• Bagheria at 08:15

• Termini Imerese at 08:39

• Roccapalumba-Alia at 09:12

• Cammarata-S. Giovanni Gemini 09:39

• Aragona Caldare at 10:48

• Agrigento Bassa at 11:01

• Agrigento Central at 11:08

This are expected costs:

• From all the stops: € 20.00 Adults – € 10.00 children, up to 12 years old

• From Aragona Caldare: € 3.00 Adults and teenagers – no seat guarantee

• From all the stops: FREE children up to 4 years old (without the right to a seat)


• Lunch Basket € 7.00

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